nick karpinski

articles: the hawk newspaper

when creating strories, i use a social justice lens. whether it be through sourcing, images, style, contextual elements... everything is aimed toward effectively communicating stories to make the world better and more just.

‘changing the paradigm’

this graphic illustrates how a lack of esg negatively effects the environment, people of color and women.

covid-19 cases increase

this photo is outside of moore hall. two female students facetime while looking at the building behind a fence.

'bubblegum pop'

the record store owner (left) and one of his employees (right) flip through records in a crammed room.

blocking out the noise

trae' robinson, a former men's track athlete at saint joseph's university, lines up in a sprinting stance and stares directly into the camera. the track is red with white lines to separate lanes. there is a grass hill in the background, leading up to red and green trees.

sucker punch

phil martelli, the former st. joe's men's basketball coach, stands of the sideline of hagan arena, in front of the bench. he looks off into the distance, somber. a packed crowd, framed blurry in the photo, is in the background.

soweto basketball

the basketball academy leader stands on the bright-colored court and addresses his players.

housing project assists grandmothers

a volunteer for the housing project is seen shoveling and assisting in the construction of a home.

"pops" martelli

pops martelli is seen both in the stands and by the net, raising his fist, signifying a team win.

shoe designer taps into traditional african design

a shoe and clothing designer, who wears a black jacket with a yellow shirt, hold a pair of his newly designed shoes. he smiles and explains the product

traditional african sounds and american rock ‘n’ roll

band members from the group shameless perform for a crowd of people in a small community center in south africa