nick karpinski


nick standing outside of the hawk office at st. joseph's university
this is a screenshot of nick's resume
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personal statement

i am a journalist and multimedia creator. i believe in pushing conventionality through storytelling in order to impact the world. when creating stories, i use a social justice lens. whether it be through sourcing, images, style, contextual elements... everything is aimed toward effectively communicating stories to make the world better and more just.

about me

i'm currently a graduate student at southern illinois university studying media theory and research in the college of mass communication and media arts m.a. program. i'm working as a graduate assistant in the program as well. as an undergraduate, i was a student-journalist double-majoring in english and communication studies at saint joseph’s university in philadelphia, pa.

throughout my time at saint joseph’s, i worked as assistant sports editor, sports editor, features editor, multimedia editor and managing editor for the hawk newspaper. in addition to taking on these campus roles, i also reported on and wrote stories surrounding social justice in south africa for the hawk.

i was an editorial intern for the philadelphia magazine during my junior year. i wrote, edited and fact-checked information for the publication.

i have experience writing and photographing news, sports and lifestyle articles, whether it may be through a long-form or a short-form style.

my research interests are media ecology and digital ethics.